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About membership Fees

Membership is from April 1st until March 31st of the following year.

※ Even if you join during the year, please be aware that your membership will expire in the coming March.
※New members who join in the second half of the year (i.e. after October 1st) will be charged the reduced fee of 1,000 yen)

※ The fees listed are the minimum. Feel free to pay more if you wish to donate to the organisation.

General Membership        2,000 yen (Annual Fee)

(The family member of a General Member or Lifelong Member can join for the reduced fee of 1,000 yen)

Student Membership        1,000 yen (Annual Fee)

(For school and university students)

Family Membership          4,000 yen (Annual Fee)
(For families who are living together)


Group Membership           10,000 yen (Annual Fee)
This will give a representative of your group or business the qualification of membership. Furthermore, five of your group can be chosen to participate in our events as members.

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