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Projects of our Association

YIFA’s activities cover various fields relating to international relations. Our main activities focus on such things as the work of the CIR, and improving skills and cultural exchange.

Cultural Exchange Projects

Our events such as the halloween party, barbecue and dragon canoe race, and sister city exchange projects are all aimed towards cultural exchange.

Dragon Canoe and BBQ Event

The Dragon Canoe Contest is run by the Yasu City Sports Association. Our association enters a team comprised of many different nationalities. For lunch we all enjoy a BBQ together.


International Exchange Halloween Party

Our Halloween themed party is aimed at international exchange, and brings together people of all nationalities, citizens of Yasu and our members. It is a hugely popular event joined by all ages.

Sister City Exchange Programme

Our sister city of Clinton Township, Michigan (U.S.A)

Cultural Classes

These are classes for foreign residents of Yasu to learn and experience Japanese traditional culture. Up to now we have offered classes in English Rakugo, flower arrangement, calligraphy, Japanese taiko drumming, indigo dyeing, and making Japanese foods such as soba, tofu and tsukemono. The content of these classes changes each year.

Learning and Experiencing Different Cultures


The mutual exchange of both Japanese and foreign cultures and languages is at the forefront of our activities.


'English Salon' Classes

Classes for our members to study English.

World Watching Presentations

In our World Watching presentations, foreign residents teach about the customs, culture and history of their home countries.


Projects to Support Foreign Residents

As well as our one-on-one Japanese lessons, we offer Japanese language support to foreign residents who need help in their daily life. 

Consultation Assistance

We assist with translation and interpreting for such cases as procedures at the city hall, medical consultations for children, and communication of parents with schools and nurseries.

Japanese Lessons

We offer Japanese lessons for all foreign residents who wish to study.

Lessons by Volunteer Teachers

Our volunteer teachers offer lessons to all foreign residents who with to study Japanese.

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