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Cultural Classes

These are classes for foreign residents of Yasu to learn and experience Japanese traditional culture. Up to now we have offered classes in English Rakugo, flower arrangement, calligraphy, Japanese taiko drumming, indigo dyeing, and making Japanese foods such as soba, tofu and tsukemono. The content of these classes changes each year.

World Cooking Classes


In these classes a foreign resident introduces a popular food of their country. Through this cuisine, we can learn more deeply about their culture. After the cooking, we enjoy listening to a presentation about their country while enjoying the food.
Each year we have one class aimed at adults, and one class aimed at children.


'English Salon' Classes

These are classes for our members who wish to study English.

As they are provided for our members, those who wish to join a class will need to pay the annual membership fee.

・First Timers Class

  Every Monday      10:00~11:30 Community Centre Kitano Teacher:Vanessa

・Starter Classes

  Every Wednesday   10:00~11:30 Community Centre Yasu  Teacher:Simon

  Every Friday         18:30~19:40 Community Centre Kitano Teacher: Mark

・Beginner Classes

  Every Tuesday      10:00~11:30 Community Centre Yasu    Teacher: Simon

・Intermediate Class

      Every Monday      18:30~19:40 Community Centre Kitano  Teacher: Vanessa


Monthly Fee:4,000 yen(plus the annual membership fee of 2,000 yen)

Class Limit: 11 students.


World Watching Presentations

In our World Watching presentations, foreign residents teach about the customs, culture and history of their home countries.

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