​🌻We are currently taking applications for our upcoming events🌻


✨New Associated Business✨The supermarket "sumairuichi", located next to the station has joined our list of associated businesses. Show your YIFA card to get 5% off all purchases of more than 1,000 yen.


We are currently renewing memberships for the year 2022-23. New members also very welcome as always!


We are currently taking on new students for our English Salon classes♩

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​Information for foreign residents of Yasu is published on the site at the beginning of every month.

What is YIFA?

In October of 2004, following the merging of the towns of Yasu and Chuzu into Yasu city, the international associations came together and YIFA was established. Our NGO follows the philosophy of “connecting Yasu with the world”, and our work aims to help to build a stronger society based on multiculturalism and cooperation.