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Information for Yasu Residents,
September 2023


“Tota”: A Nursery for Sick Children

These facilities are for sick or injured children who are unable to attend regular kindergarten or school. They can be used at the times when the child’s parents are not able to look after them. In Yasu city over 1,000 children use these facilities annually. In these nurseries, doctors, nurses and teachers work together to care for children during their recovery period, and teach the children about good-health practices.

Nursery facility: Touta Nursery Room (within Ueda Kodomo Clinic)
Eligibility: aged 6 months ~ elementary school 6th grade (living in Yasu city or with a parent working in Yasu)

Capacity: 8 children per day


Facility is available for use on weekdays from 8:30~17:30 (can be extended to 19:00 except from Thursdays)

Cost of use

City resident, households on public assistance: Free of charge

City resident, tax-exempt households: 500 yen per use

City resident, other than above: 1,000 yen per use

Residents outside the city (only those working in the city): 2,000 yen per use

Extended hours (from 5.30pm): 500 yen per 30 minutes


Application procedure: Please apply and have a medical consultation at the clinic on the day prior.

*You can make a provisional application on the internet between 20:00 on the day prior to 8:00 the following morning (day of use). A reply mail will be sent by 7:30 a.m. Please check this for your reservation status.

*If you wish to apply for use on the day, please inquire from 8:15 a.m.


For inquiries: Touta Nursery Room (Ueda Kodomo Clinic) TEL 596-3751, Yasu City Children’s Division TEL 587-6052, FAX 586-2176


Late Opening at Yasu Library

On this date you can use the library until a bit later than usual. Autumn is a good season for reading long into the evenings. Please come and enjoy a relaxing time at the library. There are some activities on this evening as well.

Date: September 17th (Sunday) (18:30~22:00) Yasu Library Main Building

*Special Nighttime Storytelling (No need to apply) Fun for children and adults (19:00~19:30)

*Book store entry (Application necessary, first-come first-served) Come and view the usually closed-off storage space! (18:40~21:40, 30 mins per viewing)

*Making a mini-planetarium (Application necessary, first-come first-served) A craft class aimed at children (18:45~20:25) (30 mins per class)

To apply: Please apply at the library counter or on the phone from 10 a.m. of September 3rd.
The events are free to join. Regardless, please feel free to come and simply enjoy reading in a relaxing environment.
For enquiries: Yasu Library   TEL 586-0218   FAX 587-5976

Notice Board

Kids’ Basketball

Date: September 10th (Sunday) 13:00~14:30 (Reception from 12:30)

Location: Gym Arena

Eligibility: Up to 20 groups of kindergarten senior class ~ elementary school 1st grade aged children and their parents (or grandparents)

Content: Ball games that can be enjoyed by children and parents.

To bring: Sportswear, gym trainers, drink, towel

Please apply to the city basketball association by September 8th (TEL/FAX 589-3381 9:00~16:00, closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Event is free of charge


Woodwork Class: An SDG Woodwork Workshop

Date: September 16th (Saturday) 9:30~12:00

Location: Big Lake Soccer Ground Clubhouse Rural Space Centre

Content: Woodcraft using branches and acorns fallen in the Big Lake area.

To apply: Yasu River Historical Park Soccer Ground TEL 584-3366; Up to 20 groups; 100 yen (or free for members)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above,
please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)  

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Information translated up to one year prior is displayed below. Please note that this information is out of date. 


Information for Yasu Residents,
August 2023

​Call for City Flowers, Birds and Trees

In October 2024, 20 years will have passed since the merger of Yasu Town and Chuzu Town. It has been proposed to decide on a flower, bird and tree that will become the symbol of Yasu City. Mayor Kayaki thought that this would make the citizens of Yasu fall in love with the area and be a catalyst to 'create a town full of smiling faces'. Before the merger, the two towns had their own symbols. These were Yasu Town (azalea, pine tree and Japanese bush warbler) and Nakamachi (azalea, pine tree and hibari). Please select a flower, bird or tree that you think is appropriate for the image of Yasu City.

Criteria when considering flowers, birds and trees

1. Something that can be transmitted as a symbol of Yasu City.

2. Something that is closely related to the climate (environment and culture of Yasu City) and nature.

3. Something that is familiar and has a strong connection with the city. z Something that has a strong connection with the city.

4. Trees that are familiar and easily recognisable by name.  

Who can apply: People who live, commute to work or school in Yasu City. (Elementary school students and above).

Applications & enquiries:  Write your name, address, telephone number, occupation (school name), your chosen 'flower/bird/tree' and the reason for your choice on the application form by Friday 29 September, and either send it or bring it to us in person. One person may submit as many entries as they wish, for any one of the city's flowers, birds or trees.

Cooperation Promotion Section, 2100-1 Koshinohara, Yasu City, 520-2395, tel 587-6043, fax 587-4033,


Castle EXPO in Shiga, Lake Biwa 2023 in Yasu City!

This is one of the largest castle events in Japan, held annually in Yokohama, featuring a panel exhibition of the 100 best castles in Japan, a castle theatre, lectures and other events. This year it will be held in Yasu City.

Date and time: Sunday, 19 November, 9.30 am - 5 pm.

Venue: Shirai Theatre Yasu, Yasu Cultural Small Theatre.

Admission Fee: Entry fees charged (free of charge for primary schools students and younger).

Advance Tickets (reserved seats) for the lecture go on sale at Ticket Pia from 10am on 1 August.

Organised by the Castle EXPO in Shiga and Lake Biwa Executive Committee

For ticket sales and details, see the organiser's website (

Held with the cooperation of Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture.

For any queries or more information, please contact the Castle EXPO in Shiga/Biwako Executive Committee TEL 527-0814 (Reception 10am - 5pm, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)

City Cultural Heritage Protection Section (TEL 589-6436, FAX 589-5444)


Bulletin Board

2023 YIFA Japanese speech contest (Yasu City International Association)

Foreigners studying at Japanese language classes will do their best to make speeches in Japanese. Everyone is welcome to come and listen.

Sunday 10 September, 10am - 12 noon. First 40 people to register. Free of charge. tel 586-3106 fax 586-3139

Old Hawaiian Concert

Yasu Library Main Library Hall, 20 Aug (Sun), 1.30pm- (doors open 1pm-) Anyone can enter. Free-of-charge.

Performances: Blue Hawaii by the Hohoemi Hawaiians, Under the Little Bamboo Bridge, There Will Be Tomorrow, etc.

Enquiries: Yasu City Music in the City Executive Committee, Aoki TEL 090-3262-5421.

For any more information or assistance with any of the above,
please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)  

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Information for Foreign Residents
June, 2023

Newly Refurbished City Gym Set to Open


The city gym, first opened in 1989, is well loved by the citizens of our city. As the facility is going to be used for a big national sports event in 2025 (the Watashiga Kagayaku National Sports and Disability Sports Competition), large-scale construction has been enacted. The newly refurbished gym is open and free for use again from July 1st.

There will be a special event to commemorate the reopening of the facility.

Reopening Event

A ceremony and special event will take place.

Date: July 1st (Saturday)

Location: Yasu City Gym

Morning Schedule:     9:30~ Ceremony (tape cutting, greetings, etc.)

                                9:50~ Performance by the students of the Shiga Lakes Cheer School

                              10:00~ Game between members of the city’s mini basketball team

Afternoon Schedule: 14:00~ Basketball lesson by members of the women’s basketball team,                                              Lake Venus—winners of a national contest in 2022.

                                          Mini basketball teams of Yasu can participate.

Spectators can view the ceremony and events of this day from the 2nd tier seating.


Mobile Library at Al Plaza Yasu

Many books will be available, such as lifestyle books, novels, books with large-type and children’s picture books. As you come for your shopping, please make use of the library.

Date: 3rd Friday of every month (10:30~12:00)

*On June 16th, the mobile library will take place in the central court. Please come and enjoy a talk and some picture book readings.

Location: Heiwado Al Plaza Yasu 1st Floor Service Centre

*Bring your library card. If you don’t have one, you can make one on the day. In this case, please bring identification which shows evidence of your address.

For any more information, please contact Yasu Library (TEL 586-0218, FAX 587-5976)

Event Information


43rd Annual Sarasara Yose (Vaudeville)

An event which includes rakugo performances.

Date: July 2nd (14:00~

Location: Community Centre Kitano

Fee: Free-of-charge

For more information, please contact Arakawa at the Omi Rakugo Association (TEL 090-3466-6629)


Marine Ryukyu Concert (Okinawa Memorial Day, Okinawa and the Sanshin)

A medley performance of Okinawan folk songs performed on the sanshin, a traditional instrument of the region.

Date: June 18th (13:30~)

Location: Yasu Library Main Hall

Fee: Free-of-charge

For more information, please contact Aoki at the Committee for Making Yasu a City of Music (TEL 090-3262-5421)

Information for Foreign Residents
May, 2023

Financial Support for Newly-Married Couples


Support is offered to newly married couples who are starting their new life in Yasu City. The city offers some financial support for purchasing or refurbishing property, renting a home, or for moving fees.

Eligibility: Married couples who fulfil the following criteria (1~7)

1. Couple were married between March 1st 2023 and March 8th 2024

2. The address on the certificate or residency of one or both of the couple is the same as the address on the application.

3. On the date of the marriage both members of the couple were aged 39 or under.

4. The combined income of the couple is less than 5,000,000 yen

5. The couple has not previously received this financial support.

6. The couple are paying Yasu City Municipal Tax.

7. The couple plan to live in Yasu for more than three years after the date of application.

Eligible Expenses: Living expenses incurred due to getting married between April 1st 2023 and March 8th 2024 (including expenses already paid).

*Please be sure to check with the city hall regarding what expenses are covered by this support.

Subsidy Amount:  Couples under 39 years old: 300,000 yen

                             Couples under 29 years old: 600,000 yen

Application Procedure: Please submit the application form to the city hall between May 8th 2023 and March 8th, 2024. Bring the application form directly to the city hall. Please be aware that there are limitations regarding the budget and that priority will be given to those who apply earlier.

*For more detailed information, please consult the city homepage.

For more information or to apply: Planning and Coordination Division (TEL 587-6039, FAX 586-2200)


Let’s Try Marine Sports!


Try Canoeing in a Swimming Pool

Every year during the summer holiday there is a three-day canoe school at Lake Biwa for elementary school students. As a prelude to this event, as a way of allowing the children to try out canoeing before deciding to join the full event, this fun ‘canoeing experience’ event is held.

Date: June 17th (Saturday), 18th (Sunday), or 24th (Saturday) 9:30~10:30, 11:00~12:00 (two time slots)

Location: Chuzu B&G Kaiyou Centre Pool

Eligibility: Elementary school students who have not joined a canoe lesson at this centre previously. Each lesson will be limited to 4 participants.

Participation fee: 1,000 yen


Yachting Experience Event

These yachts are not ordinarily boarded… This is a really good opportunity for people to get to know yachts and yachting in a fun and supportive environment. The B&G Chuzu Kaiyou Club members will offer their help and support.

Date: July 2nd (Sunday), 9th (Sunday) 10:00~11:30

Location: Chuzu B&G Kaiyou Centre Boathouse

Eligibility: Elementary school students 3rd grade or over. Each lesson will be limited to 4 participants.

Participation fee: 1,000 yen

To apply: Applications will be accepted by this centre from 9:00 on May 14th (Sunday). Telephone applications will be accepted from May 16th. When you apply you will be informed about further details such as what to bring.

For more information, or to apply: B&G Kaiyou Centre (TEL 589-5100, FAX 589-5525)


The 162nd Oide Yasu Hiking Event

(View the Yuki Saiden Rice Field and Rice Planting Festival)


The rice from the Yuki Saiden field is said to be cultivated purely as it is dedicated to the gods. At the festival you will see traditionally clad ladies planting the rice seedlings. There will also be a dance set to traditional songs and taiko drumming.

Date: May 28th (Sunday) 9:00 (Please gather in front of the convenience store at the south exit of Yasu Station)

*The event will be cancelled in the case that there is a greater than 70% chance of rain according to the weather forecast of the previous evening at 19:00.

Capacity: 30 people

Schedule: JR Yasu Station South Exit (9:20 departure)…  Sekurabe Jizo… Join the Rice-Planting Festival… Tempo Gimin Monument… Mikami Shrine… Board bus at Mikami Shrine… JR Yasu Station (Around 12:00)

Walking distance: 4km

To bring: Flask, Towel, Raingear, Sheet

Participation fee: 500 yen (Not including the 220-yen bus fare)

*Please apply by May 22nd to the Yasu City Tourist Products Association (TEL 587-3710)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)


Information for Foreign Residents
April, 2023

A New Civic Collaboration Centre


Within the main building of Yasu Library, the civic collaboration room (shimin kyodoshitsu) will open this month. This base for our community activities has been moved from the Civic Service Centre. It is a place for any citizen to freely engage in community activities. Please use your wisdom and strength for the purpose of improving our city. This room can be used for all manner of different activities, such as lectures and seminars of local organisations, consultations, or information exchanges. This room will officially open for the first time at 10:00a.m. on April 4th.


Support for local activities

1. A monthly newsletter called ‘tsunagari’ which will give information of local activities and events.

2. Information of local organisations updated on the homepage.

3. Help towards the collaborative exchange event ‘Yasumaru Hiroba’.

4. Consultation regarding local activities.

5. Booking library rooms for use by local organisations.


Consultations with local residents or residents’ associations

For those people unable to go to the city hall on weekdays, informal consultations with residents’ associations or local people regarding local activities will be offered on weekends. Documents will also be accepted. Regarding the consultations, there may be cases when the response will come at a later date.


Civic Collaboration Room 

TEL 518-0556     FAX 587-5976     E-mail

Address 520-2315 Yasu City Tsujimachi 410

Opening Hours: 10:00~18:00 (room hire until 17:00)

Closed on Mondays, public holidays and at the end-of-year period (same as Yasu Library)


Volunteer Tourism Association Hiking Event


This year the ‘Oide Yasu Hiking’ and ‘JR Hiking’ events have been combined. The course will run through the Nagahara Palace ruins, the location of which was used by three generations of the Tokugawa dynasty, including Ieyasu himself.

Date: April 21st (Friday) 9:30~15:30 (approx.). Meeting at the stairs at the North Exit of Yasu Station

Course: Yasu Station North Exit … Enkoji Temple … Chosenjin Kaido … Jonenji Temple … Sugawara Jinja Shrine (lunch) … Nagahara Palace Ruins … Gioji Temple … Board bus in front of Nagahara Residence … Yasu Station North Exit (around 15:30). Total 7km.

Fee: Participation Fee 500 yen, Bus Fare 240 yen

Capacity: 80 people

To apply: Please apply to the Yasu City Tourism Products Association by April 17th. (TEL 587-3710)

*If there is a greater than 70% forecast of rain for 9:00am on the day of the event, it will be cancelled.

YIFA Event: English Tour Guide

Learn how to introduce the good aspects of Japan in English with YIFA Coordinator of International Relations, Phil. 
Dates: May 17th, 18th, 19th, 24th, 25th (10:00~11:30) (Total 5 classes)

Location: Community Centre Yasu

Fee: YIFA members 4000 yen (full course) or 1000 yen per class

       Non-members  6000 yen (full course) or 1500 yen per class

Capacity: All welcome up to a limit of 15 participants.

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
March, 2023


Spring finally seems to have arrived. This month we would like to introduce some fun upcoming events.


Yasu Ichi Cycling Festival 2023

~Get to know Yasu, a city that links the lake and the mountains~

The Yasu cycling map (Yasu Ichi Map) has been updated! In commemoration of this, the Yasu Ichi Cycling Festival 2023 will be held. There will be a live discussion held which will make everyone want to get riding, then the actual ride through Yasu will take place. Please do come along and enjoy the event.

Date: March 11th (Saturday) 10:00~16:00 (will go ahead even in case of light rain)

Location: The Square in front of Yasu Station (By the South Exit)

Schedule:             Yasu Ichi Cycling Tour (Reservation needed)

                            Road bike, E-bike experience (Reservation needed)

                            30-minute lesson to learn to cycle (Reservation needed)

                            Live Discussion: Pro-cyclists, triathletes and artistic cyclists will participate

                            Quiz about Yasu products and cycling

                            You can also have your photo taken with a police bicycle and police car

For more details, please check the Yasu Tourist Products Association social media accounts or homepage, or the event flyer.

The event schedule may change due to weather conditions.

For more information please contact the Yasu City Tourist Products Association (587-3710) or the Commerce and Tourism Division (587-6008)


Community Building and Shiitake Setting in the Forest

Cut down trees in the forest and play in the middle of nature. Using the cut wood to try setting shiitake mushrooms. There will also be craft activities to do.
Date: March 26th (Sunday) 10:00~12:00 (Reception from 9:45)

Location: Biwako Citizens of the Earth Forest, Tsudoi Zone

Participation Fee: 500yen per family

*Please wear clothes which are easy to move in, a hat and a drink.

To Apply: Nature Club (Play in the Hills and Fields), Ask for Tamachan or Matsushita (090-4760-1663)



The 26th Annual Performance of the Yasu City Brass Band

Date: March 12th (Sunday) Performance begins at 14:00

Location: Shirai Theatre Yasu *The car park is small so please come by public transportation if possible.

Schedule: Kumano Kodo Fantasy, Phantom of the Opera, Mr Incredible, etc (Conductors: Kazuko Fujiike and Minoru Okuno)

For more information: 080-6108-2538 (Kudo) Homepage:

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
February, 2023


We hope you are all well in spite of the cold weather. This month we will introduce some information about daily affairs.

Applications are being accepted for financial support of school children
for the year 2023

Families who are struggling financially in terms of sending their children to publicly run schools can apply to receive financial support to purchase school items and school lunch. Please note that families who are already receiving this support must apply again for next year.

How to apply

Please complete the application form by March 14th (Tuesday) and submit them, together with the necessary documents to the school that your child is (or will be) at. You can also submit your application to the School Education Division of the city hall.

*Applications for elementary school students who will enter this year must be submitted by April 12th.

*Application forms can be found at all schools and at the School Education Division of the city hall. The forms can also be downloaded from the city homepage.

*If you apply during the course of the school year, you will be eligible for support from the following month.

For more information, please contact the School Education Division (TEL 587-6017, FAX 587-3835)


Let’s Cooperate together to recycle unused electrical appliances

What is ‘Home Appliance Recycling’?

Old electrical appliances (air conditioners, TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and clothes dryers) can be important resources. The Home Appliance Recycling Law was enacted on April 1st 2001 in order to promote the reuse of such items, reduce waste and protect the environment.

Electrical Appliances cannot be placed in the regular waste disposal area.

Please use one of the following methods.

1. Bring it to a home electronics store (please be sure to check the cost)

2. Take it to a designated ‘pick-up spot’ yourself (recycling fee is required)

3. Request the city to dispose of it. The 2ns Wednesday of each month is the collection day for such items (recycling fee and transportation fee are required)

*Please note that the following cannot be put out at the garbage collection point: personal computers, fire extinguishers, automobiles, motorbikes and their parts (tires, batteries etc), agricultural tools, chemicals, petroleum, cylinders, garbage containing mercury or hazardous materials (non-exhaustive list).

*For more information, please check the city-issued pamphlet entitled ‘gomi bunbetsu meijin’

*The closest designated ‘pick-up spot’ is Nihon Transportation Shiga Branch (Yasu City, Kamiya 123-7 TEL 587-1022, FAX 588-0377). Open hours: Monday~Saturday (excluding public and end of year holidays) 9:00~12:00 and 13:00~17:00. You must call ahead before bringing the item you wish to dispose of.

*For more information regarding recycling fees, please contact the Electrical Applicance Recycling Ticket Centre (TEL 0120-319-640, FAX 03-3903-0377)


Spring Firefighting Training

This training exercise has been cancelled for 4 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it will be held this year. Fire engines will be dispatched from facilities across Yasu, Kusatsu, Moriyama and Ritto to create a powerful training exercise. A disaster-prevention helicopter will also be dispatched on this day. Please come and watch.

Date: February 25th (Saturday) 8:30~9:30 (a.m)

Location: Heiwado Al Plaza Yasu

Content: Dispatch of fire engines, rescue activities using ladder trucks and disaster-prevention helicopters, simultaneous water spraying, etc.

*Following the training drills, there will be a disaster prevention fair. For more details, please check the city homepage.

For more information, please contact the Konan Area Fire Department East Fire Station (TEL 587-1119)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
December, 2022


Coming-of-Age Gathering in Yasu City, 2023

Yasu City’s Coming-of-Age Gathering is a celebratory ceremony for newly turned 20-year-olds in the city. In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, this year’s event will be shortened.

Date: January 9th, 2023 (10:00~10:30) (Reception from 9:20)

Location: Shirai Theatre Yasu

Eligibility: Yasu residents who were born between April 2nd 2002 and April 1st 2003. Or those who previously lived in Yasu City.

*Yasu residents will receive an information postcard. If you are eligible but do not receive a postcard, please contact the city.
For more information, please contact the Yasu City Lifelong Learning and Sports Division (TEL: 587-6053, FAX: 587-3835, e-mail: )


15th Annual Yasumaru Hiroba, 2023

Come and join in the planning and running of the Yasumaru Hiroba.

The Yasumaru Hiroba is an event which aims to improve our town through the communication and cooperation of various groups and organizations. The event is planned to be held in early June next year.

Recruitment is ongoing for people who are interested in participating in the planning and management of the event.

For more information or to apply: Please contact the Citizen’s Service Centre with your name, address and phone number by January 13th (TEL: 589-6430, FAX: 589-6438, e-mail: )


Christmas Concert

Date: Sunday, December 18th (13:00~)

Location: Yasu Library Main Hall

*All are very welcome. Please come with your small children. No fee for entry.

For more information, please contact Aoki of the Yasu Town of Music Committee (TEL: 090-3262-5421)

50th Annual New Year Climb of Mt Mikami

Would you like to see the first sunrise of the new year from the peak of Mt Mikami?

Date: January 1st, 2023 (reception from 4:45 a.m). Gathering and disbanding at Mikami Shrine’s Sakura Gate. Anyone is welcome to participate. No participation fee and no need to apply.

Plan: We will take a group photo which will be sold for 500 yen. Other events are currently being planned.

Clothing: Please wear clothes which are easy to move in and a jacket to keep warm. Please wear gloves, a hat, a rucksack and suitable footwear such as trainers.

To bring: flashlight, towel, a warm drink, a snack, a nylon sheet, a pen or pencil, raingear, tissues, and a rubbish bag.

*As it is very early in the morning, you won’t be able to come by bus. If you come by car, please use the car park at Community Centre Mikami
Up to December 28th, for more information, please contact the Yasu City Lifelong Learning and Sports Division (TEL: 587-6053, FAX: 587-3835)

From December 29th, please contact the Sakagura-san at the Mt Mikami New Year Climb Event Committee (TEL: 535-0350)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
November, 2022


There are many events taking place in autumn. In this month’s recap of the latest information in Yasu we will introduce some which look interesting.


Oide Yasu Marukajiri Festival 2022

~Bringing together the charm of the forest, the village, and the lake~

There will be a market, workshops, and discussions related to the three following themes:
*The Forest (Hunting)
*The Village (Vegetables and Tea)
*The Lake (The Fish of the Lake)

Anyone is welcome to participate.

Date: November 6th (11:00~16:00)  (Will be held even in the case of light rain)
Location: JR Yasu Station South Exit Square

Activities: *Discussion about fish      

               *Discussion about injuries to wildlife and wild game cuisine

               *Sale of locally produced vegetables            

               *Sale of snacks and takeout food made with locally produced ingredients

               *Bingo competition for children

               *Taiko performance by Yasu group Hyouzu Taiko Hozonkai

For more information, please contact the event office (within the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division) (TEL: 587-6004, FAX: 587-3834)


Tree Education (Kiiku) Wonder Park 2022 in Yasu

~Play with toys made from trees of Shiga~

There will be many toys made by wood of trees in Shiga Prefecture. The toys can be played with freely, so please come and try them out. In the workshops, people can craft their own chopsticks, jigsaw puzzles, and toys. All are very welcome.

Date: November 20th (10:00~16:00)

Location: Museum of History and Folklore (Dotaku Museum) Research Room

Participation Fee: Activities are free, the workshops are from 300 yen

For more details, please consult the Shiga Prefecture Forestry Association Homepage.

For questions or additional information: Shiga Prefecture Forestry Association (TEL: 547-7600, E-mail:

Yasu City Museum of History and Folklore (Dotaku Museum) (TEL: 587-4410, FAX: 587-4413)


16th Annual Stock Walking Event

~Come together and find harmony in nature~

In the beautiful season of autumn leaves, please come and enjoy walking with poles.

Date: November 23rd (National Holiday) 10:00~12:30 *Cancelled in case of rain

Location: Omi Fuji Karyoku Park, Kibogaoka Culture Park Course

Participation Fee: 200 yen per person (price includes insurance)

*All are welcome to participate (Limit of 100 people)

*The walking poles will be lent free of charge

For more information or to apply, contact the Lifelong Learning and Sports Division by November 8th (TEL: 587-6053, FAX: 587-3835)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
October, 2022


A Technical College (High School) to be established in Yasu City

In Shiga Prefecture we are all looking to the future as we try to develop our individual selves to build a better society for us all. On this basis, there are always attempts to give opportunities to learn. In order to support the advancement of industry in Shiga, the prefecture plan to open a technical college that can develop technically skilled people in the year 2027. In the prefecture, Yasu City’s plans were well evaluated, and the college (kousen) was decided to be established in our city.


Reasons for the choice of Yasu City

1. The express train stops at Yasu. Students can commute to the school on foot from the station.

2. There are many manufacturing companies (factories) in the locale. Students will be able to engage in training and internships.

3. There are many rivers and forests. Environmental studies can take place in these natural spots.

4. Yasu City plans to build a river disaster prevention station next to the school. This can be used to allow students to engage in disaster prevention training.


More detailed information has yet to be released. As more information is given, it will be published in the Kouhou Yasu Newspaper and on the city homepage.

For more information, please contact the Yasu City Planning and Coordination Division (TEL: 077-587-6039, FAX: 077-586-2200)


Make handmade goods using the library’s books.

Collecting pieces for a library exhibition (A 20th anniversary library project)

There are many craft ideas in books. Use library books as a reference and try to make your very own handmade work of art. You could also exhibit what you make in the library!

  • The pieces for the exhibition are to be made using library books as a reference.

  • To apply please complete the application form, attach one photograph of your work and bring it to the library counter by October 30th. Application forms can be found at the library counter.

For more information, please contact the library (TEL: 077-586-0218, FAX: 077-587-5976)


Yasu Cultural Arts Festival 2022

(Never stop! The brightness of artistic culture in Yasu)

The Yasu Cultural Arts Festival will be held for the first time in three years. Come and view art exhibitions and stage performances primarily of the members of the Yasu City Culture Association. All are very welcome.

Location: Shirai Theatre Yasu (Main hall, Lobby), No entry fee

Art Exhibition

November 3rd, 5th, 6th (12:30 p.m ~ 16:30 p.m)

Stage performances       

Group 1: Chorus, Piano/ Guitar, Brass band (November 3rd, 13:00~)

Group 2: Taiko drumming, Sword dance, Noh, Harmonica, Poetry reading, Recitation, Ballet (November 5th, 13:00~)

Group 3: Taiko drumming, Shinobue flute, Cheerleading, Japanese folk songs, Yoshibue flute, Poetry reading, Ballet (November 6th, 13:00~)

For more information, please contact the Yasu City Cultural Arts Festival Executive Committee (TEL: 077-589-3381) or the Lifelong Education and Sports Division (TEL: 077-587-3835)



YIFA’s Halloween Party


YIFA’s annual Halloween party is coming soon. Although we can’t enjoy sharing food again due to Covid-related restrictions, we are looking forward to a fun afternoon and to seeing everyone’s costumes!

Date: October 30th (Sunday) 13:30~15:30 (Entry from 13:00)

Location: Community Centre Kitano (Up to 70 participants)
Theme: “World Heroes”

Content: Taiko drumming performance, Costume contest, Trick or treating

Fee: YIFA members 400 yen, Non-members 800 yen, Elementary school students 500 yen, Infants, 200 yen, Under 1 year old FREE

*For families, in the case that two parents come, one child will be free of charge.

*We always need lots of help with the preparations on the Saturday prior. Please come and help if you can!

For more information, please contact YIFA (TEL: 077-586-3106, FAX: 077-586-3139)

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
September, 2022


Wata Shiga Kagayaku National Sports and Disability Sports Meeting

It has been decided that both the 79th National Sports Competition and the 24th National Disability Sports Competition will be held in Shiga Prefecture in the year 2025. We want to make these competitions events which are moving and enjoyable for all. On Sunday 11th September, there will be a special event to commemorate the decision of Shiga as host at the Aeon Mall in Kusatsu. Please feel free to join.
For more information contact the event promotion office (TEL 077-587-8813 FAX 077-587-3835)



Late Night at the Library


The library will stay open especially late on this evening. The autumn nights are long and well suited to reading, so please come and have a relaxing time at the library.

Date: September 18th (Sunday) 18:30~22:00

Location: Yasu Library Main Building


*You can freely enter the usually out-of-bounds storehouse!

18:40~21:40 (reservations are necessary; first-come-first-served)

Please apply at the library counter or by phone by 10am of September 2nd.

*Story time with music (No need to apply)

Enjoy the world of the picture book with music.

19:00~ (for around 30 mins)

*Making bookmarks (no need to apply)

Make your very own special bookmark!


Please feel free to participate as you like. You can also just come to the library to enjoy reading peacefully. For more information or applications, please contact the library directly (TEL 077-586-0218  FAX 077-587-5976)



Event for Single Mothers or Fathers: Bread-making Workshop

A workshop led by a Yasu city bakery aimed at busy single parents. Please come and bring home a delicious lunch with your child.

Date: October 2nd (Sunday) 10:00~noon (meeting at 9:50)

Location: Community Centre Nakasato

To bring: Apron (or clothing you don’t mind dirtying), hand towel, bandana

Capacity: 4 families (if there are many applications, a lottery will be held).

Fee: No charge

Applications: Please apply to the Yasu City Welfare Association by September 15th (TEL 077-589-4683  FAX 077-589-5783)

We will inform those chosen to participate on Friday, September 16th.



Drone Workshop

A big gathering for people interesting in operating a drone. Come and fly a drone to your heart’s content in a large soccer field.

Date: October 22nd (Saturday) Group 1: 9:30~10:30, Group 2: 11:00~noon (in case of inclement weather the event will be held on November 23rd)

Applications: Participants must be over ES 4th grade. Each group’s capacity is limited to 10 people on a first-come first-served basis. Please apply by phone from 10:00am on September 3rd.

Fee: 500 yen

For more information or to apply please contact the Yasu City Historical Park Soccer Ground (Big Lake) (TEL 077-584-3366)



157th Oide Yasu Hiking

At this event you can see Mikami Shrine and view the ‘Hibutsu’ (Buddhist statues usually hidden from public view) of Sousen Temple. The hike will be of around 10km.

Date: October 21st (Friday) 9:00~15:30 (approx.) Meeting and Finishing at Yasu Station South Exit.

To bring: Something for your lunch, flask, towel, raingear, a sheet

Fee: 500 yen plus an additional 100 yen donation for the temple.

Capacity: 80 (first come, first served)

Please apply to the Yasu City Tourism Products Association (TEL 077-587-3710) between September 20th~October 17th

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

Information for Foreign Residents
August, 2022

Take care to avoid heatstroke!

Small children and the elderly should take particular care.


Key ways to avoid heatstroke

① Avoid the heat

Try to stay indoors during the hottest times of day. Wherever possible, spend time in a cool and breezy place away from the glare of the sun. Cases of elderly people getting heatstroke at home are quite common. Please be sure to regulate the temperature of your home using electric fans and air conditioning.


② There is no need to wear a mask when walking or exercising, or commuting to work or school.

If you are a fair distance from others around you, and not talking too much, there is no necessity to wear a mask outdoors. If you wear a mask at times when heat and humidity are high, your body temperature will rise. You will lose the sense of thirst and you will become dehydrated without realizing it.

③ Drink enough fluids.

Even if you are not feeling thirsty, it is important to take in enough fluids and salt. Please be aware of the dangers of drinking alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol expels the fluids your body needs as urine.

If you wish to learn more about heatstroke, please visit the Shiga Prefecture homepage.


Summer Events

Big Lake (Yasu River Historical Park Soccer Ground, Rural Centre Square


① Workshop for Families (Camping)

As a family, learn how to camp at the beautiful natural setting of Big Lake. Learn how to build a bonfire and how to tie a rope.

Date: August 20th (Saturday) 9:30-12:00 (Reception from 9:15)

Fee: 500 yen per group (family)

Applications: Please apply by telephone (TEL 077-584-3366)


② Stargazing Class (The beauty of the stars and the moon)

Learn about the night sky. After preparations, use a telescope to look up into the night sky at Big Lake. In the case of rain, the lesson will take place inside.

Date: September 11th (Sunday) 19:00~20:30 (Reception from 18:45)

Fee: 1500 yen per group (family)

Applications: Please apply by telephone from August 5th (10:00~) (TEL 077-584-3366)


Music Concert for Children

A concert featuring instruments such as the saxophone and the piano. Children can bring instruments like bells and tambourines and play along with the songs! Songs will include the Anpanman March as well as three others. Anyone can join this concert and there is no fee.

Date: August 24th (Wednesday) 10:30~11:00

Location: Yasu Library Main Hall

Applications: Pokkapoka Parent-Child Group, Tanaka (TEL 090-4901-0428, E-mail


Cooking Class for Children (British Cuisine)   A YIFA Event

In this event the recipes will be simple enough for children to be able to make. With the YIFA C.I.R, Philip Trace, learn about a different culture through the medium of food.

Date: September 11th (Sunday) 10:00~14:00

Location: Community Centre Kitano

Fee: Children 600 yen, YIFA members 700 yen, Non-members 1100 yen

Applications: Please apply directly to YIFA by phone, email or on the homepage (TEL 077-586-3106, E-mail, )


*nb All events are subject to change or cancellation depending on the situation regarding Covid-19. Please be sure to check up to date information online ahead of time. Please also wear a mask when participating in events.

For any more information or assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL 586-3106)

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