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2022-2023 Event Gallery

World Watching (Nepal)

29th May, 2022

Japanese Teaching Seminar

12th June, 2022

Library and Museum Tour

18th June, 2022

English Fitness Class

1st July, 2022~

World Watching in English

7th~22nd July, 2022

English Tea Parties

5th & 26th August, 2nd Sept, 2022

Summer English Club

17th~25th August, 2022

British Cooking Class

11th September, 2022

Japanese Speech Contest

17th September, 2022

Halloween Party

30th October, 2022

Japanese Teaching Seminar

13th November, 2022

World Watching (Sudan)

11th December, 2022

Stretching Fitness Class

13th January, 2023~

Turkish Cooking Class

12th February, 2023

Vietnamese Course

21st January~15th March, 2023

English Tea Parties

March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 2023

Hanami Picnic

April 1st, 2023

International Education

June, 2022~ February 2023

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