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ドラゴンカヌー&BBQ (Dragon Canoe Race and BBQ)

ドラゴンカヌー大会に今年もYIFAでチームを作り出場します!We will be entering the Dragon Canoe Race again this year!

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ドラゴンカヌー&BBQ (Dragon Canoe Race and BBQ)
ドラゴンカヌー&BBQ (Dragon Canoe Race and BBQ)


2020年8月09日 8:30

野洲市あやめ浜, 524-0202 野洲市菖蒲



(English follows) 


参加費:      YIFA会員・外国籍の方 1500円

          非会員        2000円

          小学生        1000円

          小学生未満      500円

バスを利用する方: 8:05 野洲市役所本館 出発  

          8:20 北部合同庁舎前 


Let's make YIFA the winning team this year in the Dragon Canoe Race! We need your help! Come join us on Lake Biwa for this annually sponsored event by the Yasu City Athletics Centre. It is for all to enjoy, whether competing or not. An all-you-can-eat BBQ lunch is provided for everyone so come join us!

Cost:                YIFA members/ Foreign Residents  1500 yen

                        Non-members                                 2000 yen

                        Elementary School Students            1000 yen

                        Children younger than 5                   500 yen

For the bus:      8:05 Yasu City Hall (departure)

                         8:20 North Gov. Building (arrival)

                 (return fare: 500 yen / departure time will be strictly followed)


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