• Phil

Video Project

A long overdue blog post here. I haven’t written much lately, not because I’ve been slacking, but simply there hasn’t been too much going on! Due to the coronavirus situation, I ended up working from home for around six weeks (quick review: I hate working at home), just coming in to work at the office once a week. Thankfully, the situation has improved a lot lately, so we’re all back working as normal (albeit with added masks and open doors and windows) and preparing as usual for our upcoming events.

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our delegation visit to Michigan that was scheduled for July, but all being well, we’ll be getting ready to head out there this time next year. We do have a few events on the horizon though which we’re looking forward to at the moment:

Japanese Teaching Seminar (June 14th)

World Watching (July 19th)

English Tea Parties (July 31st, August 21st, August 28th)

Summer English Club for ES Students (New event for this year!) (over 5 days in early August)

BBQ and Dragon Canoe Race (August 9th)

I’ll write boringly about all those events when we’ve done them, but for today I thought I’d introduce a little about what I was working on from home.

Firstly, with the coronavirus situation, and a bit of a dearth of information in English for local residents, I updated information regarding infected people across our prefecture onto this homepage. While I was doing so, the numbers flew up from twenty to around ninety, but since we’ve all been back working in the office the numbers hit 98, 99 and then 100, and have, since then, mercifully, stayed at that point. There will certainly be new cases over the coming months, but it’s been really positive to see how everyone’s efforts have paid off in stopping the spread across Shiga. I think updating that information about the virus was useful, and I received some nice feedback from foreign people in the area about it. Hopefully with everyone’s continued efforts, and improved treatment etc., coronavirus infections can stay low in the prefecture, and I won’t have to update the info so much from now on. Time will tell, I suppose!