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Information for Foreign Residents


Information Regarding the Dates of Tax Return Consultations  

It is almost time to file tax returns, and everybody must correctly calculate their income

and tax payments for the past year by themselves.

In order to file your return correctly, please start the process early.

At various facilities across the city, the tax division will be holding consultations between

February 16th (Monday) and March 16th (Monday). Further information regarding the

locations and dates will be published in the February issue of Koho Yasu.



Information about the National Health Insurance System for Financial Support of Health Examinations

If you take the ningen dokku (人間ドック) or nou dokku (脳ドック) health examinations for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases, you can have a part of the fee reimbursed.
For more details or any help with the procedure, please contact YIFA (TEL:586-3106).



Information Regarding the Payment of the Child Maintenance Grant

The January period (covering November-December 2019) for the child maintenance grant will be paid on January 10th.



Information Regarding Support Fund for Single-Parent Families with School-Going Children

Among children who are graduating junior high school in March of 2020, or children who are entering elementary school or junior high school in April 2020, a support fund is paid to single-parent families who meet certain conditions.

Application Window: January 15th (Wed)~March 13th (Friday) 8:30 a.m~5:15 p.m (not including weekends or national holidays)

Amount: (per each child)       Entering Elementary School: 5,000 yen
Entering Junior High School: 10,000 yen
Graduating Junior High School: 15,000 yen
For details regarding conditions, where to apply, or documents needed for application, please contact YIFA



Payment of School Supplies for Children Entering School

There is financial support for school supplies for children of families living in Yasu who will enter school this year, and whose family is deemed to have trouble preparing for the start of the school year due to financial difficulties. Payment for the necessary school supplies will be made in March, before the school year starts.

Please apply to the School Education Division (TEL:587-6017, FAX:587-3835) by February 14th (Friday). Necessary documents for application are as follows:

- inkan stamp

- a document which shows your bank account details

- in the case that you are exempt from paying tax or pension, evidence to this effect.

- in the case that you are renting accommodation, evidence showing the cost of your rent.

For any more information, or help with making the application, please don’t hesitate to contact YIFA (TEL:586-3106).